A School Period Like No Other

| UK | Learning | May 11, 2017

(Everything has been completely normal until:)

Boy: *delirious and pale* “SIR, CAN I GO TO THE BATHROOM!?”

(The teacher looks extremely worried, but lets him. When he stands up, though, he collapses before he reaches full height. The teacher and several students run over.)


(We all look, and it indeed looks like he is having a period, with the liquid running from his crotch appearing red against the linoleum. The teacher calls for an ambulance and he’s taken away with an extremely low heart rate. We later found out that the boy tried to circumcise himself after learning about it in his previous lesson. While we don’t know the extent of the damage he caused, he seemed to make a full recovery. Before it was revealed though, half the boys in my year started buying tampons expecting it to happen to them. Then, after, all the sharp utensils had to be hidden for fear someone else would try it. There was a lot of stupidity in my year. I don’t know how I turned out so normal.)

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