A Scenic Package Trip

, , , , , | Working | April 9, 2019

I work in a store in a fairly small town, and I was recently promoted to department manager over the online pickup department. As this happened immediately before the Christmas season, and the department had gone without a direct manager for several months before this, training was sparse and there were few people to explain the management side of things, especially how to handle reports.

While most things worked themselves out and were pretty self-explanatory, the report labeled “To Be Received” was one thing that I couldn’t get much information on. Apparently, the report is for packages that should have arrived in our store already but hadn’t actually shown up. However, none of the old items in the report had cleared out, so several of them were from as far back as June. Eventually, I found out I could pull up detailed tracking history on our internal handheld system, and I decided to check out the order from June.

At first, things looked normal, with the package leaving Indiana and getting scanned a few times in Illinois on its way to Saint Paul, Minnesota. Eventually, it arrived, but instead of going to our store from there, it went to Saint Cloud, a city on the other side of the state, about a three-hour drive west, while the package should have gone almost straight north from Saint Paul. The next few scans were the same day, having the package leave Saint Cloud and return to Saint Paul.

The next leg of the trip was even stranger, with the package then leaving Minnesota and being scanned in at Kansas, and then in Texas, getting scanned a few times there before finally being delivered in a city in Texas.

I still have no idea why a package that got delivered in Texas showed up in our delivery system, or why such a package decided to take the scenic route and go from Indiana to Texas by going through Minnesota.

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