A Scary Hairy Halloween

, , | Right | October 31, 2018

(It’s Halloween and many of the employees are dressing up for charity. I’m wearing a vampire costume with a long black wig. I’m currently scanning a customer’s items through while my coworker bags them. I’m growing my hair out, but it isn’t even touching my shoulders yet.)

Customer: “You look so much like Meat Loaf with that wig!”

Coworker: “I told you! You should definitely grow it out like Meat Loaf?”

Customer: “Oh, have you got long hair already?”

Me: “Well, I haven’t been growing it for very long, so it’s shorter than it is longer.”

Customer: “But why wear the wig?”

Me: “It’s not very long.”

(For the rest of the transaction, the customer looks bewildered and stares at me constantly. It starts getting creepy, so to appease her I decide to take the wig off briefly…)

Customer: “It’s not very long!”

Me: “Like I said…”

(I finish the transaction and we bid farewell to her. She thanks my coworker and deliberately ignores me as she leaves the store. Several hours later, near closing time, the on duty manager comes up to me.)

Manager: “I’ve just had a complaint about you.”

Me: “Me? What did I do?”

Manager: “She… didn’t like your hair.”

Me: *completely forgetting the customer* “The wig?”

Manager: “No.” *pulls my wig off*

Me: “…”

(She came back to the store just to complain about my hair…)

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