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A-Salted The Whole Restaurant

| Working | March 1, 2016

(My dad and I head over to a popular sandwich restaurant. We order our meal and we get our drinks. Everything seems normal until…)

Me: “And that’s when—” *takes sip of sweet tea*

Dad: “…and that’s when…? What?”

Me: *starts to cough* “Would you mind trying this tea real quick?”

Dad: “Why?”

Me: “Just do it.”

Dad: “Fine” *he takes a sip he gets a disgusted look on his face*

Me: “I’m pretty sure they mistook the sugar for salt.”

Dad: “Wow, that is strong! I have never seen someone mix tea and salt before!”

(The waitress comes over.)

Waitress: “How is your meal?”

Dad: “So, uh… they might have mixed up the sugar with salt for the tea.”

Waitress: “Really!? Let me try.” *she leaves and comes back with a glass of tea, and she takes a sip* “I guess they did! Let me get the manager.”

(She leaves and comes back with the manager.)

Manager: “So what’s the problem here?”

Dad: “The tea has salt in it instead of sugar.”

Manager: *laughs* “I’m going to go try it!”

(He comes back with ANOTHER cup to try.)

Manager: *takes a sip* “I can’t believe it! That is pretty funny. I guess we will have to make a new batch.”

(For a second I thought the whole restaurant was going to try to taste it.)

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