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A Sad And Heavy Case

| Friendly | June 25, 2015

(I’m waiting for a delayed plane back to the UK. With nothing better to do I start people watching. One guy I see is wearing an unusual brace, I think nothing of it and board the plane, eventually we touch down and people rush to get in the airport. I see the same guy with the brace struggling with his case and standing at the foot of the stairs. Everyone else is ignoring him.)

Me: “Can I help you with that?”

Man: “Oh, really?! Yes, thank you! I was starting to wonder how I would get up there.”

Me: “No problem at all.”

(I lift the case thinking it wouldn’t be too bad, after all he wouldn’t over-pack if he knew he couldn’t lift very well? I was wrong! I barely carried up the stairs.)

Man: “I really appreciate this. It’s not often young people will stop to help.”

Me: “No worries.” *I keep it brief as I am pretending not to struggle*

Man: *as we near the top* “You see I hurt my back the other week; that’s why I have this brace on. But I don’t get to see my daughter very often and she is getting married.”

Me: “Did you not ask the airport to help?”

Man: “Yes, they assured me someone would meet me. Doesn’t look like that happened.”

Me: “Wow, that’s appalling. Well, the rest of the way is all flat, and the lifts are just there so you should be okay?”

Man: “Yes, thank you again. Between the airport and the other passengers though, no-one to even ask to help.”

(Even after getting through customs, I could see him at the back of the line, still no one around to help. But at least I managed to help out a little.)

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