A Rose By Any Other Smell

| Friendly | May 1, 2015

(My friend and I are just chatting and have somehow moved onto the topic of sweat and body odor.)

Me: “No, but seriously, I really don’t sweat that much.”

Friend: “Yeah, I’m sure you don’t. I know your mom.”

Me: “I didn’t take after my mom, though. And even when I sweat, I really don’t smell all that bad.”

Friend: “Whatever.”

Me: “No, seriously, I don’t stink when I sweat!”

Friend: *sarcastically* “Yeah, yeah, I’m sure your armpits smell like roses ALL the time.”

(I start giggling and run off to the bathroom. I return a moment later with my deodorant, which I hand to my friend. The scent? Parisian Rose.)

Friend: “…Shut the f*** up.”

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