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A Rolling Defeat

, , , , | Right | December 10, 2021

If a customer brings rolled coins in, we have to break them open and run them through the coin machine due to people putting slugs, or fake coins, in their rolls. A customer walks in with two rolls of quarters, which are worth $20 total.

Customer: “Can I just get a $20 for this?”

Me: “Sure thing. Let me run these through the machine.”

Customer: “They’re all quarters, and it’s $20, I promise. I just didn’t want to bring in a bag of coins.”

Me: “I understand, but we have to unroll and count them.”

Customer: “What, you don’t trust me?”

Me: “Bank rules, sir.”

He rolls his eyes as I head over to the coin machine. I break open both rolls and discover multiple slugs, pennies, and even a quarter-sized button. I run the rest of the coins and head back to my window.

Me: “Okay, your total is $15.”

Customer: “What?! It’s exactly $20!”

I place the slugs and button on the counter and stare at him. He turns red.

Me: “How would you like your cash back?”

Customer: *Defeated* “Three fives, please…”

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