A Rollercoaster Of Emotions

| Friendly | February 22, 2017

(I am with my friends at a famous theme park for Grad Nite where we are waiting in line for the roller coaster. Since there are so many of us in a group, we decide to go in the singles line to get through quicker. I am not particularly fond of the decision as I haven’t really ridden a coaster of that magnitude and am quite nervous. As I get on the ride, a student from another school sits beside me, looking pumped, a total contrast to my nervous self.)

Me: “Have you gone on this ride before?”

Stranger: *smiling* “Nope, have you?”

Me: *gulps* “No. I’m actually freaking out right now.”

(As the ride coasts forward the stranger and I continue talking for a bit until the announcer begins the countdown. As soon as the ride starts, I find myself beginning to enjoy the ride and hoot in joy throughout. This is the exchange that follows once the coaster comes to a stop.)

Me: “I actually enjoyed it. I wish I could stay here and go again. What about you? How are you feeling?”

Stranger: *moaning* “Nope. Nope, never again.”

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