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A Roller-Coaster Ride Of Emotions

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(I work at an amusement park as a ride operator. We have a rule where we can’t allow anyone who seems upset or terrified to ride. As I’m checking restraints, I notice a little girl who looks extremely scared.)

Me: “Hey, is everything okay? Do you want to ride?”

Girl: “I don’t know. I’m scared.”

Girl’s Mom: “Don’t let her off. She’s going to ride.”

Me: “If she’s too upset or doesn’t want to ride, we can’t make her ride.”

Girl’s Mom: “No! You can’t let her off! She’s going to ride!”

Me: “Again, it’s up to her. We can’t let people who are extremely upset ride for safety reasons.” *to the girl* “Do you want to get off?”

Girl: “I don’t know yet.”

Me: “Okay, tell you what: I’m going to finish checking restraints and then come back so you have some time to think about it.”

(I finish checking restraints and come back to her. She’s still undecided.)

Me: “I promise, this is a super fun ride, and if you don’t like it, it’s so short it’ll be over before you know it. Do you want to give it a try?”

(She nodded, so I went to my position and started the ride. After it cycled I watched her train come in because I was curious to see if she liked it. Her mom was slumped over in her seat clutching her stomach, and the girl was clapping with the biggest smile on her face.)

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