A Revolt From The Blue

, | Working | July 11, 2012

(I have dyed my hair blue. Despite a lot of positive customer feedback on my looks, my boss hates it. Note: I’m the only employee who speaks English, and it’s tourist season.)

Boss: “The supervisors are having a surprise check up any minute. You better get into the back right now. Mop the storage room or something. Go!”

(I grab the mop and go to the back, but accidentally walk straight into the supervisors who have decided to take the back entrance.)

Supervisor #1: “You work here? That’s so cool! Your hair is so pretty!”

(My boss runs in to the storage room when he hears the supervisors voices, but hasn’t heard their compliments.)

Boss: “She is new! She knows nothing! My assistant hired her, not me!”

Supervisor #2: “We just told her how we love her hair. It’s refreshing to see that people don’t judge employees by their looks anymore. ”

Boss: *stunned* “Y-yes, of course. We are very…proud.” *turns to me* “Could you please go to the front? We…uh…have a lot of tourists coming in.”

Me: “Oh, but, sir, I’m new, and according to YOUR regulations I’m not allowed to work the register without proper training. I’ll finish the clean-up so you can get back to your business.”

Boss: *looks terrified and walks away*

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