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A Retort On The School Report

| Related | November 14, 2013

(When I was 10-12 years old in primary school, I was severely bullied and didn’t have any friends. Because of this, I kept my head down and never talked or interacted with others unless absolutely necessary. I am currently applying for college, and one of the requirements is a photocopy of my certificate of completion for primary school. My mom and I are reviewing it, and the note written by the class teacher.)

Mom: *reading aloud* “‘[My Name] gets along well with her peers, and is always ready to extend a helping hand to her friends.'”

(Mom puts the paper down and looks at me.)

Mom: “It’s all lies! Your teacher doesn’t know what she’s talking about!”

Me: “She doesn’t know s***!”

Mom: “Actually, she does.”

(She hints at the word ‘bull-s***,’ and we both burst out laughing.)

Mom: “On second thought, don’t use that kind of language. It’s very rude.”

(I stare at her.)

Mom: “Hey, at least I’m trying to set a good example! But, seriously, your teacher is full of bull-s***.”

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