A Respectful Lesson In Disrespect

| Learning | October 28, 2016

(My physics class often gets off track, for better or for worse. This is one of the stories that our teacher tells us. It is important to note that ‘bombed’ is a term in restaurants for being packed or very busy.)

Teacher: “So, this was when I managed a restaurant. We were bombed one night and I was helping some waitresses clean up and the custodian walked through the door. I took my arm and swept everything off the table I was cleaning onto the floor.”

Classmate #1: “Why?!”

Teacher: “Because it was his job to clean it up. Anyway, I did that, and his eyes bulged out of his head and the veins on his neck and head popped out and he started pointing at me and almost charging. I thought he was gonna go for my throat.”

Classmate #2: “So what did you do?!”

Teacher: “I went to another table, took my arm, and swept everything off that one, too!”

(He did tell us it was disrespectful later.)

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