A Relieve Of Absence

| UK | Working | February 21, 2013

(I have just had to take some last minute time off to care for my mother, who has just had some minor surgery. As it is last minute, I ask to have it taken out of paid holiday allowance.)

Manager: “I know you had to have some time off, and you asked to have this taken out of your holiday entitlement, but we have to say no.”

Me: “I understand; it’s fine. It was last minute, so can it just go down as unpaid leave? I really don’t want to have it go down as sickness.”

Manager: “Don’t worry. It wont go down as sickness, and you’re being paid for it.”

Me: “Okay, that’s gre—sorry, what?”

Manager: “You’re being paid for it; don’t worry about it. You’re a valued member of the department and the company. Also, if you need to take any other time off, just let us know. And if there is anything we can do to help you, just let us know.”

(I have never had a company look after their employees like this. Working for a small but growing company has its advantages. This just shows how GOOD some companies and managers can be!)

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