A Relatively Easy Mistake To Make

| UT, USA | Friendly | July 13, 2015

(My roommate and I are two curly redheads. For some reason, everyone thinks we’re twins, sisters or the same person. I’m three inches taller, three sizes smaller and three years older. Since she’s my best friend, she’s invited to things like my mother’s retirement party.)

Mom’s Friend: “You must be [Mom’s] daughter, [My Name]!”

Me: “Yes, I’m her second-oldest. And this is [Roommate]…”

Mom’s Friend: “This is your daughter!”

Me: “Um, she’s three years younger than me. This is my roommate.”

(We have a good laugh about it. Three years later, a friend of mine at work is looking at the pictures on my desk. One is a picture of roommate and I in front of the Parthenon, since she and I went to Europe in 2013.)

Coworker: “Is this in Athens?”

Me: “Yeah. That was the trip from Rome to Istanbul, and back and–”

Coworker: “It’s so cool that you went with your mom.”

(Revenge at last!)

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