A Relationship To Savior

| Romantic | July 23, 2012

(My boyfriend and I are in the midst of a three month separation as we met on campus, but live in different states. Our dominant form of communication is text messages. We both have phones with autocorrect and will often leave a funny correction with the actual word next to it in parentheses.)

Me: “…because apparently Judas has ties to everyone. (Okay, autocorrect. How did you get ‘judas’ from ‘my dad’?).”

Boyfriend: “Hey, maybe your Dad is… Judas-like?”

Me: “That would be unfortunate. The question is in what way?”

Boyfriend: “Willing to sell the Savior for a meagre amount of gold?”

Me: “But therein lies the rub: I doubt that a Savior of Jesus’ caliber is going to appear any time.”

Boyfriend: “You heathen!”

Me: “Hey! If anything, that could prove my devotion to Him. I’m just saying that no one could compare.”

Boyfriend: “Uh-huh. Whatever you say, you godless pagan.”

Me: “Why do I find it endearing when you call me a godless pagan?”

Boyfriend: “FURTHER PROOF!”

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