A Relationship is Work

| Romantic | January 16, 2012

(My girlfriend and I are unemployed college kids. We are on a triple date at a bowling alley. One of our friends is giving the other some bowling tips.)

Friend: *to the other friend* “Your bowling tips aren’t working!”

Me: *to my girlfriend* “You know what else isn’t working?”

Girlfriend: “What?”

Me: “Us.”

Girlfriend: *hurt* “What?”

Me: “Oh crud! I meant we’re both unemployed; jobless. We aren’t working!”

Girlfriend: *relieved but stern* “Oh.”

Me: “Sorry, poor choice of words.”

Girlfriend: “Yeah. Would you like to rephrase that?”

Me: “No, I’ll just take a beer and forget I said anything.”

Girlfriend: “Yeah, good idea.”

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