A Relationship In Maturity, Needs Immaturity

| Romantic | December 13, 2011

(My mom is wearing a nightgown. She bends over to pick up something, and my dad can see her panties. Both my parents are incredibly childish.)

Dad: “Woohoo!”

Mom: “What? What are you yelling at?”

Dad: “I can see your panties!”

Mom: *singing* “I see London, I see France, I see wifey’s underpants!”

(Dad is speechless.)

Mom: *continues singing* “Are they blue, are they pink? I dunno, but they sure stink!”

Dad: *to me* “Dear God, I think I broke your mother.”

Me: “I think so too.”

(And for the next 20 minutes, they both continue to sing rhymes to each other. At least they love each other, and at least I have headphones.)

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