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A Reese’s Peace Offering

| Friendly | June 23, 2015

(I am heading home after a really long and tiring day for a choir competition. I haven’t eaten at all for the entire time, so I decide to stop by at a gift shop on the way home. I pick up a large pack of chips and a Reese’s peanut butter cups. I go through my purse and I realize that I don’t have enough, so I put the Reese’s back and wait patiently in line. There is a guy standing in front of me around my age that we are competing against.)

Guy: “You can ask her how much the candy is now.”

(Note: I had tried asking the cashier earlier but she was busy.)

Me: “Oh, I put it back… I didn’t have enough for it.”

Guy: “Oh, okay.”

(He waits for a couple seconds before turning to me again.)

Guy: “Hey, can you hand me a Reese’s please? I want to buy one. ”

(I hand him the Reese’s, not thinking anything of it as he rings it up and pays for it. But after he pays for it, he turns back around to me and hands me the candy.)

Guy: “Here, I don’t like Reese’s anyway.”

Me: *completely awestruck* “Thank you.”

Guy: “You’re welcome.”

(He turns and leaves the store, leaving me completely dumbfounded for his kindness. I pay for my bag of chips and head out again. It made my whole day even better than it was. Thank you, who ever you were. I hope to see you again in the next competition to repay you.)

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