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A Recipe For Success

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My wife and I are up late and realize we need a particular tool for a recipe, some kind of particular special pan. I don’t know; she’s the baker. We happen to live near a bunch of stores so, at eleven pm, we head out… only to find most of the stores are closed. This is shocking since usually, businesses here are open twenty-four hours, but we have forgotten that tomorrow is a federal holiday.

We pull up to our last-ditch-effort store at about 11:55 pm. The lights are still on and I can see employees inside, so we are hopeful. I exit the car and read the opening times on the door.

Me: “D***, they closed at 11:30 pm.”

Wife: “Oh, well, we’d better just go home. We can try again the day after tomorrow.”

Suddenly, one of the employees approaches the door and peeks out apprehensively.

Employee: “Uh, hello. Can I help you?”

Me: “Sorry for bothering you; we were just leaving. We were late, oh well.”

Employee: “What is it you’re looking for?”

My wife mentions the particular pan name.

Employee: “Oh, we have some of those. If you come in and wait by the register, I’ll grab it for you and ring you up.”

Wife: “Are you sure it’s okay? It’s past hours.”

Employee: “Yeah, come in.”

We are let inside and we wait by a particular register as directed, and the employee comes back with the pan. The transaction concludes successfully.

Wife: “Seriously, thank you so much. You’re not going to be in trouble, right?”

Employee: “No trouble at all. Thanks for offering to go, but I figure if it’s truly just one thing, it’s all good.”

As it was the type of store with a survey on the receipt, we wrote a vague but positive review for the employee.

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