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A Real Hot-Button Issue

, , , , | Right | May 26, 2022

I am a backend designer for a website where clients can add contributions.

Client: “I’ve found a button somewhere on the backend. I don’t know that it does, so I pressed it.” 

Me: “Please don’t do that anymore.”

Client: “Okay. Also, I’ve got another problem. All of my images on the media library have disappeared.”

Me: “I think it’s related to the button.”

The reset button in question is a big button with an alert symbol in red and yellow and two pop-ups that say, “If you press it, you’ll reset this,” and, “Are you sure?”

When I talked to the chief manager about forbidding the contributors to use it, he said:

Chief Manager: “Oh, come on. Nobody is stupid enough to press it without any reason.”

Now, we’ve learned the opposite is true.

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