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A Real Hole Of A Store

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(I’m an electrician, and I’ve been dispatched to a store that has had a car plow through the front of it. The entire front of this small retail location has been boarded over. A manager is in the empty store with me — for security reasons — and I am up a ladder, working on the wiring in the ceiling. We both hear some rattling the front door.)

Manager: *calling* “We’re closed!”

(The rattling stops.)

Me: “Some people, right?”

Manager: “Yeah.”

(Suddenly, there’s a loud tearing crunch and both of us look dumbfounded at a woman, who has ripped several boards off the hole in the front of the store and climbed in.)

Customer: “Hey, your door wouldn’t open. I just need some things real quick—”

Manager: “Ma’am, we are closed. You can’t be in here.”

Customer: “But I just need—”

Manager: “No. We are closed. Does it even look like we can ring you up for anything?”

(Some cleanup has happened, but the shelves are empty and pushed all the way into the back of the store. There are no registers and most of the lights are off. I’m up a six-foot ladder with wiring hanging down around me, and I’m just staring down at this woman with a disbelieving expression.)

Customer: “But you’re here, so you can get me what I need out of the back.”

Manager: “No. We’re closed for business. And you are trespassing. You need to leave.”

(The woman protests, but is eventually herded out the door.)

Me: “What…?”

Manager: “Don’t think about it. The more you think about it, the more the stupid will burn. And we cannot afford an insulation fire right now.”

(The manager found a hammer and hammered the boards back into place. Several more people tried the door that day, but that lady was the only one who ripped a board off the hole in the wall to get in.)

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