A Real Classic

| Rochester, NY, USA | Right | March 30, 2010

(I am a customer talking to a sales person when I am interrupted by another customer.)

Customer: “Do you have any Beethoven?”

Sales Person: “Certainly, our Classical section has quite a selection of Beethoven.”

Customer: “Well, I couldn’t find any of Beethoven, only various orchestras performing Beethoven’s music. Don’t you have any live Beethoven?”

Sales Person: “Well, no we don’t, and I don’t think you will manage to find that anywhere.”

Customer: “Well I bet [other store] has it across the way.”

Sales Person: “Well, I would doubt that, but you are welcome to check.”

Customer: “Why don’t you think they will have it?”

Me: (I just had to interrupt.) “Well, because everyone knows that all the live copies of Beethoven burned up in his estate fire.”

Customer: “Well I didn’t know that. So if there are no live recordings anywhere, how do people know what it sounds like?”

Me: “Well the sheet music was luckily printed on fireproof paper.”

Customer: “Wow, they had fireproof paper back then?”

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