A Raw Is So Fast It Skips Pasteurize 

, , , | Working | November 18, 2019

(I work as a salesperson for a local farm that produces cheese. Part of my job is to go to supermarkets which sell cheese — not only pre-packed but also “fresh” — from a counter so the supermarket can decide if they want to sell some of my cheese. I walk into yet another supermarket, where I have an appointment with the manager of the cheese counter, who is in charge of what gets sold.)

Me: “Hello, I’m [My Name], and I’m from [Farm]. I have an appointment with you to present our assortment to you. So, to start with, we solely produce cheese made of raw milk.”

Counter Manager: *visibly confused* “What’s a raw?”

(Apparently, she thought a raw was some sort of animal, like, she knew cow milk and goat milk, but not raw milk.)

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