A Random Pattern Of Randoms

| Perth, WA, Australia | Friendly | May 2, 2015

(I’m heading to a friends place when I stop in to a local shopping centre to pick up something for lunch. I sit down to put my things away and start chatting to an English lady about where she’s from and other things. I’ve always had a thing of chatting to random people. 30 minutes later I receive a text from my friend.)

Friend: “Are you still coming over? Where the h*** are you?”

Me: “Ooops, sorry. Gonna be leaving here in 10 minutes. Sorry.”

(Like he knew what had happened.)

Friend: “D*** it, [My Name]. Stop talking to randoms. Didn’t your mum ever teach you ‘Stranger Danger?'”

Me: “She did but I never listened. Leaving now.”

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