A Quarter Of Kindness Gets You The Whole Way

, | Hopeless | March 9, 2017

I’m at a grocery chain where you have to put in a quarter to unlock a cart. I get mine, but I notice a flustered and annoyed-looking lady fishing through her purse to find a quarter, then I see her start back to her car. I call to her and fish a quarter out of my pocket. I’m in a good mood, just feel like helping out, and figure twenty-five cents isn’t going to kill me. She thanks me profusely; I just smile, say “You’re welcome,” and go on my way without thinking about it.

After I’m done, I’m getting all my stuff together and getting ready to leave when she comes up to me. “Here you are! Thank you!” and handed me a quarter. “Thank you again!” she said, and we both laughed. It was such a small thing, but we both walked away smiling. I felt good, and I hope I made her day better.

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