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A Quadrilingual Conundrum

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: CHAINSMOKERMAGIC | June 12, 2022

I was in a convenience store the other day. It was a busy day, so there was a bit of a line, and behind me was a couple speaking Spanish to each other. My Spanish is not the best, but I understand enough to overhear them being cute and flirty with each other. It kind of made me smile, because “ain’t love grand?”

Then, a woman in her forties got into the line and immediately started looking visibly annoyed. She grunted and sighed audibly, prompting the boyfriend from the Spanish-speaking couple to turn around.

Boyfriend: *In perfect English* “Hey, is everything all right?”

The woman gave him a look that could peel paint from the walls.

Woman: “Oh, I’m fine. I just wish people had better standards for them themselves. You know speaking Spanish in public makes you seem uneducated, right?”

Now, my knee-jerk reaction upon overhearing this was to turn around and tell this lady where she could stick it, but the boyfriend beat me to it!

As soon as she said “uneducated”, the dude’s face inexplicably lit up like a Christmas tree. He smiled at the woman, then immediately turned to his girlfriend and started saying something in French!. The girlfriend responded to him, also in French.

He turned back to the woman.

Boyfriend: “Is that better?”

At this point, I was giggling to myself, because d***, that was GREAT! But it wasn’t over. The woman stares at the guy, mouth agape, completely speechless.

Boyfriend: “No? How about this?”

He turned to his girlfriend and asked her something in what was clearly German!

The girlfriend laughed and responded, also in German. Now, I don’t speak French or German, but really, I didn’t need to. This was comedy GOLD!

I was just bursting out laughing! The woman and the other people in line saw me, so I just turned to the boyfriend and smiled at him.

Me: *To the woman* “D***, he told you!”

I’d paid for my stuff by then, and as I left, I heard the girlfriend ask:

Girlfriend: “So, how many of those languages are you ‘educated’ in?”

I wish I’d stayed around to see the end of the interaction!

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