A Punanimous Decision

, | Romantic | November 20, 2012

(My boyfriend and I are very, very punny. He is trying to ask me something, but I am working on a paper and am busy.)

Boyfriend: *gets down on one knee behind my back* “Baby, I moustache you a question.”

Me: *not noticing* “Well, shave it for later.”

Boyfriend: *getting up* “Fair enough.”

(A few hours later, we are at a romantic restaurant. My boyfriend has gotten the pistachio pesto pasta. This happens just after we get our plates.)

Boyfriend: *gets down on one knee in front of me* “Darling, I pistachio a question. Will you marry me?”

(Cue all the normal breaking into tears and applause.)

Boyfriend: “Well?”

Me: *nodding* “All I can say is, of almond I’ve ever met, you’re the nuttiest! Of course!”

Boyfriend: “Ladies and gentleman, this is why I’m marrying this woman!”

(Two years and one kid later, you can be sure we worked some puns into our vows!)

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