A Pun Within A Pun Within A Relationship

| Romantic | May 17, 2014

(My girlfriend is putting together a large TV stand while I am lazing about on the computer. She walks seductively over to me.)

Girlfriend: “Hey… wanna screw?”

Me: “Uh… sure. I mean, I can screw you.”

Girlfriend: “I don’t know… I’m a little tired from all the screwing I just did.”

(I realize that she is talking about literally screwing the feet onto the TV stand, and I groan.)

Me: “God, you and your f****** puns. Oh, my God. Get it? ‘F******’ puns?”

Girlfriend: *laughs* “God, I love you so much. You’re my favorite girlfriend.”

Me: “Favorite? …Wait, is there another?”

Girlfriend: “No. There’s just you. But you’re still my favorite.”

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