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A Pterrible Teacher

| Learning | May 3, 2014

(I am speech delayed. I am more adamant about reading, since my mother figures I can still read even though I can’t talk. A few years later, this causes me to be a few reading levels ahead of my classmates, and makes me a bit of a know-it-all when it comes to spelling. In a kindergarten class, we are practicing the alphabet and deciding what animals go with what letter. We reach ‘P’ and understandably everyone gets stuck.)

Me: “Pterodactyl!”

Student #1: “That doesn’t start with ‘p!'”

Student #2: “Yeah, that starts with ‘t!’

Me: “Nu-uh! It starts with ‘p!’ Right, [Teacher]?”

Teacher: “No, [My Name], it starts with ‘t.'”

Me: “Nu-uh! I read a book and it started with ‘p!'”

Teacher: “Sweetie, it starts with ‘t.’ Can you think of any other animal that starts with ‘p?'”

(I ended up hiding in the cubby area. My grandfather had to come pick me up because I refused to come out because they wouldn’t believe me.)

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