A Proper Proposal Has A Nice Ring To It

| Romantic | August 16, 2013

(Since I am very picky about the jewelry I wear, I pick-out my own engagement ring. This doesn’t bother my fiancé; he just wants to make sure I will wear it. I am lying on his bed playing a video game.)

Fiancé: “Here, your ring came.”

(He tosses the box at me, and continues what he was doing.)

Me: “Seriously? You’re not even going to ask me properly, or put the ring on my finger?”

Fiancé: “No. Why bother? I already know what your answer is.”

Me: “Seriously?!”

(He finally turns to face me, and gives me his full attention.)

Fiancé: “You picked out your own engagement ring, and we’ve almost finished planning our wedding. Are you really going to turn me down now?”

Me: “…no.”

Fiancé: “Good. Now shut up and put your ring on so we can go to dinner.”

(A few months before our wedding, he does finally propose properly. His excuse is he had to wait until I was least expecting it so it would be romantic.)

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