A Promise To A Princess

| USA | Friendly | June 6, 2015

(I’m a lolita fashion enthusiast, and as such I attend a lot of local lolita meetups dressed up in lolita outfits, called “coords”, which usually involve lacy blouses, petticoats, and large skirts with opulent designs. I decide to stop at the store and pick up a few things after a meetup, still wearing one of my coords. While I’m walking through the aisles, I notice a man pushing a cart with a little girl sitting inside.)

Girl: *whispering* “Daddy, is she a princess?”

Man: “She looks like it, huh? Why don’t we go ask?”

(They walk up to me.)

Man: “Excuse me, miss, my daughter has a question.”

Me: *to her* “Yes?

Girl: “Are you a princess?”

Me: *playing along* “Oh, dear, I guess I shouldn’t have left the palace dressed like this. Okay, I snuck out so I could buy some snacks. The king’s very strict about me eating food from outside the castle, but I managed to get away for a while. But you two have to promise me you won’t tell anyone you saw me here, or I’ll be in big trouble, okay? The king might even take away my magic wand.”

Girl: “I promise! Promise, daddy!”

Man: “I promise, your highness.”

Me: “Thank you so much! Okay, have a great day, you two.”

(I curtsy as best as I can, pay for my things, and go. I’ve gotten a variety of different reactions to my lolita coords, but that was the cutest to date.)

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