A Problem With The Order Before It’s Ordered

| Working | February 2, 2015

(I have just moved into a small apartment that used to be maid`s quarters in a posh part of town. I call the nearest pizza joint and ask if they deliver to my address. When the worker hears my address, he immediately gives the phone to the manager.)

Manager: *sarcastic* “So you want a pizza for delivery?”

Me: *confused at the sarcasm* “Yes…”

Manager: “You’re not going to give us any problems?”

Me: “No? Look, if I’m outside of your delivery area…”

Manager: “No, no, we will deliver it. I just don’t want any problems.”

(I hung up, still quite confused. It was only my second or third day in town. Finally there was a knock at the door. When I opened it, you could have knocked the delivery boy over with a feather, he looked so stunned. I paid and tipped him, and he left, still flustered. A while later, the manager called to apologize profusely.  It turned out my new address was flagged in the system because the previous tenant would order pizza then send them back or refuse to pay for them! The delivery boy had expected her to open the door and was flummoxed to see me instead!)

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