A Priceless Attitude

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The town I am working in is known as a resort town because it is close to a river. We have what is known as River Season, meaning we have a lot of people from out of town. I work in a grocery store.

My manager is doing count in the cash office, leaving me with my 17-year-old coworker to man the registers and sales floor. It’s close to closing, and we have a small supply of alcohol. A couple come in and purchase a few things. As they are checking out, the man says to me, “I am really sorry, but I broke some beer over there.” I tell him it happens and that as long as no one is hurt, it’s not a huge deal. They leave, and my manager is back, so I go to clean the mess.

By the time I am done, we are closed. I get back to my register, and under my drink is an envelope. Inside is $40 and a note that says, “We have been coming here for six years, and no cashier has had such a good attitude about something like that. Buy yourself something as awesome as your attitude.”

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