A Pretty Save

| Bay Area, CA, USA | Learning | May 2, 2015

(We are in high school Japanese class, learning how to state reasonings for things. The teacher is asking us yes/no questions, and we are answering in complete sentences with reasoning.)

Teacher: *in Japanese* “Do you like Japanese class?”

(A male student who jokes around a lot raises his hand, and the teacher calls on him.)

Male Student: “Sensei ga kirai na node…” *because I don’t like the teacher…*

(The teacher’s jaw drops, and the class bursts out in snickers. Upon seeing everyone’s reaction, the boy’s eyes widen, and he clarifies.)

Male Student: “No! Not ‘kirai!’ KIREI! KIREI!”

(This changes the meaning of the clause from “Because I don’t like the teacher” to “Because the teacher is pretty.” The class giggles a bit more, and he finishes his sentence.)

Teacher: “Okay. He wants ‘A.'”

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