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A Pretty Nice Turn Of Events

, , , | Hopeless | June 12, 2016

(A woman comes in accompanied by her teenage daughter to get flowers for her parents’ 50th anniversary. It takes a little while for us to figure out what to do about the centerpiece, but she’s very nice and I eventually take their order. Right before they leave, her daughter approaches the counter.)

Teenage Girl: “Um… just… um…” *all in one breath* “You’re really pretty okay bye!”

(She dashes back to her mother.)

Me: “Wha– Oh! Thank you! That’s so sweet!”

Mom: *to her daughter* “What? What did you say to her?”

Teenage Girl: “Nothing! It’s nothing! Let’s goooo!”

(She drags her mother away, blushing furiously. It was adorable and I was smiling for the rest of my shift.)

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