A Pressing Case Of Temporary Stupidity

, , | Right | September 11, 2018

(Unfortunately, I’m the stupid customer this time:)

Employee: “That’ll be $6.27.”

(I swipe my credit card, and then proceed to frantically search for the pen since I’ve always used those things my entire life to press the Credit / Debit button after I swipe.)

Me: “…umm.”

Employee: “Credit or debit?”

Me: “Credit.”

(She points to the credit button on the screen on the touch screen.)

Employee: “Hit the credit button.”

(I think to myself, ‘maybe if I press it with my fingernail, it’ll work the same way as the pen.’ and I proceed to do it multiple times with no result.)

Me: “Umm… how?”

(She reaches over and presses it with her finger, to my astonishment.)

Me: “…I’m sorry!”

Employee: “No, no, I get it; germs and stuff.”

Me: “No! I just didn’t know how!”

(She says ‘mmhm’ like she doesn’t believe me and I proceed to embarrassingly wait for my food in the corner.)

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