A Pox On All Your Houses!

| Learning | October 3, 2016

(In my school there is a longstanding traditional arts competition called the “Seven Twelves.” Seven teams perform, and the teams had to be made up of someone from each of three houses and from each of three age groups – making nine per team. This happens in a rehearsal.)

New Teacher: *obnoxious* “This thing doesn’t make sense. Why is it called seven twelves?”

Older Teacher: “Well, seven teams perform—”

New Teacher: “Yes. but the teams aren’t twelves. They’re nines! It should be seven nines.”

Older Teacher: “No. They should be twelves. There used to be four houses before one of them was bombed in the war. It was always supposed to be seven twelves.”

New Teacher: “What rubbish. How on earth do you expect to be taken seriously?”

(We found out that a bomb really did hit the fourth ‘house,’ back when the school was located in four separate buildings. There’s even a wall of names in the current entrance from when it happened. Older teacher was actually a student in one of the surviving houses, and obnoxious new teacher never lived it down.)

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