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A Pound, A Cookie, And A Lifetime Of Gratitude

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I am taking a trip to London with a friend and we are hurrying back to our hostel through Hyde Park before we have to rush to the airport.

I have type one diabetes and have hypoglycemia on the way through. I want to buy anything to eat that can fare me over on the three-kilometre walk to the hostel. There is a food stand nearby, but since it is the last day of the trip, we are almost completely out of pounds. I do, however, have some euros with me.

I speak to the food stand worker.

Me: “Do you perchance take euros? I’d like to buy a cookie but I’m a pound short.”

Worker: *Laughing* “We would, but the queen is kind of against that.”

I assume she sees something is wrong, because she asks something along these lines:

Worker: “What’s wrong? Do you badly need it?”

Me: “I have hypoglycemia and I am feeling bad, but I have no time to rest.”

She started to say that it was okay and I could just take the cookie with the money I had, but then a stranger waiting behind us just came to the window and placed one pound on the counter, saying he hoped I’d feel better soon and that we would catch our flight okay.

I hope I will never forget the kindness two absolute strangers showed me that day. Thanks to them, I was able to get to the hostel and to the airport in time. Had I not eaten anything right then, I don’t know if I would have made it in time.

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