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A-Plus Customer Service

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I’m applying for medical school and require three As to get a place. Naturally, I’m quite stressed as I got AAB in one of my mocks. My dad is testing me on my chemistry syllabus in a cafe.

Waitress: *Bringing our drinks* “How do you remember all that?”

Me: “Stress makes me work hard.”

Waitress: *Smiling* “Oh, sweetheart. I think you’re going to do well.”

Me: “Thank you. I hope so.”

Waitress: “Tell you what: after you’ve done your exams, I’ll give you a free coffee. As a reward for getting through them!”

Me: “Really? Thank you so much!”

Waitress: “No problem. I remember what it’s like. I had to get an A* and two As for my engineering degree. I wish you all the best.”

Every time I go to that cafe, the waitress gives me a thumbs up and mouths, “You got this!” I haven’t sat my exams yet, but that waitress has really made a difference for me the past few months. I hope to pay her kindness forward someday.

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