A Platinum-Grade A**hole

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(I work night audit at a long-term stay hotel in an upper-class area of town. We are booked solid for the next several weeks, as it is the week before Memorial Day and graduation kicks off the start of our busy season. I am also the only one on duty. A gentleman storms in at about 12:15 am and gives his name. I have already checked in my last reservations for the night and we are full up, so I am wincing as I am looking up his name.)

Me: “Sorry, sir, we don’t have a reservation for you tonight. It’s tomorrow night, the twenty-second.”

Guest: “Well, do you have anything tonight?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we’re sold out and everyone’s already arrived.”

Guest: “You don’t have anything?”

Me: “No, sir, there is a person currently in every single room on our property.”

(I begin the calls to the nearest hotel, fanning out in a spiral. By the third hotel that’s booked solid, he’s pissed and calling his travel agent — who made the original reservation, incorrectly — and stands there telling his travel agent how incompetent I am. In front of me.)

Guest: “She says she has no rooms; I don’t believe her.”

(He finally gives up and waves at me in disgust, storming out. At the door, he pauses and pulls the phone away from his ear.)

Guest: “I just think this is bulls***. By the way, I was a Platinum member for ten years.”

(I check his account; he may HAVE BEEN but he isn’t now. Ten minutes later, his travel agent calls me all upset because I won’t book him for a room.)

Travel Agent: “It says you have rooms available starting today, the twenty-second.”

Me: “Yes, sir, but check-in isn’t until three, because all my rooms are occupied and I have to have guests check out and get the rooms cleaned before I can resell them.”

Travel Agent: “Don’t you have anything? Your website says you have availability!”

Me: “Yes, sir, but he cannot check in until 3:00 pm. I simply have no room.”

Travel Agent: “Not even for Platinum guests?”

Me: “Sir, I have 117 rooms. I have 117 rooms occupied. Even if your client was [Hotel CEO] himself, I couldn’t and wouldn’t turn a guest out of their bed.”

Travel Agent: “Ooookaaaay…”

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