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A Pint Of Trouble

, , , , | Working | January 2, 2020

(Before my DnD game tonight, I make a quick run to a popular place known for turning its ice cream upside down before serving it for my group. The DM has requested a pint of chocolate ice cream to split between himself and his girlfriend, another player.)

Me: “And I’d like a pint of chocolate ice cream.”

Worker: “Would you like that in a cone or a cup?”

(I’m a bit confused, as I’ve been inside this store before and know they sell ice cream in regular ice cream containers.)

Me: “No, a pint.”

Worker: “Cone?”

Me: “No, a pint.”

Worker: “Cup?”

Me: *look of disbelief at my best friend, who is in the car with me* “A pint.”

Worker: “Cone?”

Me: “A pint.”

(After a few more rounds of this, she finally asked a coworker about it, though she left the headset on so we could still hear her. Somehow, she managed to get it in the system, and I placed the rest of my order. And somehow, she managed to put it in two separate orders, so we had to ask for the rest of our ice cream. She also had to ask how to pay with both cash and card, and the “pint” came as a bunch of ice cream shoved into a medium-sized drink cup. I work in fast food myself, so I was being patient, and I know that working the drive-thru can be difficult at times, especially when you first start it. But when I asked her if it was her first day, she said she wasn’t new. She did mention that it had been a long day, but I was still a bit in disbelief. Who knows? I hope she has a better time of it in the future.)

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