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A Picture-Perfect Ending

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: youdontplaycrazywithme | September 5, 2020

My mom is usually chill but has a streak in her that will cause her to be all Karen-y, especially when it comes to being able to get something free out of it. This is unacceptable to me and I usually try and fail to calm and quiet her down.

It is the day of my prom and I am super excited to take pictures at this gated nature preserve close to my house. We are meeting the photographer there and my mom comes with me so that we can get pictures together. 

When we get to the place I realize I don’t have cash on me and can’t pay the $1-per-person entry fee (amounting to $3). While we are still in the car I ask my mom:

Me: “Will be okay if you pay our entrance fee?”

Mom: “That’s fine.”

When we get to the gate she pulls one on me and asks the gatekeeper:

Mom: “Do we really need to pay entry? We’ll only be here for half an hour, and we just want to take some pictures for my daughter’s prom.”

I tried to quiet her down when I heard the direction it was going. Since the money was going to the conservation of the area, I was very embarrassed about her being that stingy.

When the gatekeeper heard “pictures,” he showed us a document that, lo and behold, brought the entry fee to $30.

I laughed in my sleeve and didn’t reimburse her, since she got what she asked for.

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