A Photo-Perfect Way To Embarrass Yourself

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(I am the assistant manager of an electronics store; I am also a mobile specialist. A young woman, [Customer #1], comes in; she is wearing pajama pants and is clearly unwashed. She goes up to my colleague with some old headphones, claiming she had taken the extended warranty and that she wants a replacement. The woman doesn’t seem to know any of her information, making it difficult for my colleague to find the warranty and provide the proper replacement. The entire time she is there, she talks loudly, complains, and questions my colleague’s intelligence. She is very unpleasant overall. While she is there, a regular customer, [Customer #2], comes in. He is an older gentleman, in his 80s, but is very tech savvy.)

Me: “Hey, [Customer #2]! How are you doing today?”

Customer #2: “Oh, I can’t complain, except I might have done something stupid.”

Me: “And what might that be?”

Customer #2: “Well, I was playing around with my phone, and I managed to delete and remove the icon for my photo gallery, and now I can’t find my photos. I’ve done what I know to do, but now I’m stuck.”

Me: “Well, let’s have a look.”

(He already has the phone open to his widgets, so I go through the rest of his phone, checking every place imaginable for his photos. I’ve never seen this problem before, so I turn to my colleague, who is now finishing up with the loud woman. I explain the issue briefly and ask if there is something I might be missing. The entire time I am with [Customer #2], [Customer #1] is staring at me, smiling, and shaking her head. I can tell she wants to say something. She finally speaks.)

Customer #1: *speaking to [Customer #2] in a condescending tone* “Excuse me, sir. May I please see your phone?”

(He hesitantly hands her the phone. She grabs it from him and looks at me with a huge smile.)

Customer #1: *to me* “Sometimes you just need a professional.” *to [Customer #2]* “See, your photos are in your photo album. You just have to open your widgets and…”

(She sees that the icon for the album is missing, and she practically throws the phone at me.)

Customer #1: “Oh, well, they should be there, in the widgets.”

Me: “Yes, well, thank you for your help, but that was the first thing I checked. It’s kind of how we are trained.”

Customer #1: “Wow, okay. Wow, that was rude. Was that necessary? So rude. Oh, my God. Where is your manager?”

Customer #2: “You want a manager because you embarrassed yourself? You don’t need a manager; you need to shut your mouth and mind your own business.”

([Customer #1] just stares for a moment, and then storms out of the store. As she walks out, she turns to swear at me a few times. She ends up making a complaint to my boss, but nothing comes of it. I am next to my boss when she takes the call; while she does apologize, she laughs as soon as she hangs up the phone.)

Boss: “She claims to be a nurse. I find it unlikely, by her age and how she talks, but if she is a nurse, I’d love to go up to her when she’s having trouble doing a blood test and offer to help by telling her all she needs to do is find a vein. What a dunce. This is an electronics store, for God’s sake. What was she thinking?”

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