A Pet Straight Out Of “Monty Python”

, , , , , | Right | November 28, 2020

I’m half-watching my boyfriend play a game, half-dozing on the couch next to him. It’s around Halloween, and he’s playing a remake of a horror game from the 1990s. While I don’t mind watching others play horror games, when I have the controller, I’m a big baby, so I don’t play them often unless I think the story is worth the scares. He is much better at handling scares and usually doesn’t react.

He is dodging what I think is a super zombie in a trench coat and he thinks he’s lost him. I’m watching the screen but really not paying attention to anything.

Suddenly, my boyfriend lets out what I can only describe as a banshee screech, legs jerking upward just as the trench coat man finds him.

Me: *Becoming suddenly alert* “What?! What happened?!”

Boyfriend: *Very alarmed* “Something just touched my foot!”

I look down to see one of our two bunnies hop out from under the couch and stomp his foot in displeasure at the reaction of his hello. We’ve been trying to teach our bunny to “nose bump”; you offer your fist for a fist-bump and he bumps his nose in response. He took this to mean that bumping his nose against you is just how we say hi. It could be your hand, your face, your foot, or whatever he can reach at the time he’s hopping by. He apparently has perfect timing. We now double-check where the rabbits are before playing scary games.

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