A Perfect Picture Of Inattentiveness

| Related | February 28, 2015

(My dad has an account on a photo sharing website and just recently posted up a picture of me from the renaissance faire we went to a couple of weeks ago. I go in on my profile there and ‘fave’ the pic and add a comment about how that’s me in the photo. This conversation happens over the phone the next day:)

Dad: “Oh, you’ve got an evil twin!”

Me: “Bull-s***. Unless there’s a twin sister you’ve never told me about, I don’t have an evil twin.”

Dad: “Yeah, she faved the pic and wrote ‘that’s me’ on it. She looks just like you!”

Me: *goes on my profile to see the pic* “Dad, that’s me! That’s my profile there!”

Dad: “OH! I didn’t know you had a photo stream! I was looking at it on my phone.”

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