A Perfect Photo Finish

| Learning | February 8, 2016

(My class goes on a field trip to clean the Everglades, and a photographer comes with us to take pictures.)

Me: “Uh oh, looks like rain.”

Photographer: “Huh, I think you’re right.”

(A few minutes later it begins pouring rain.)

Me: *looking around* “Where is the photographer?”

Student: “I can’t see him either.”

Other Student: “I think he left.”

Student: “He wouldn’t do that.”

(We spent 20 minutes looking for him in the pouring rain, but he did, in fact, leave without telling us. A week later he came to our class again to take pictures, because he didn’t the last week. Our professor told him to come back in 20 minutes, waited 10, then dismissed the entire class.)

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