A Penny Saved Is A Customer Spurned

| Edmonton, AB, Canada | Working | April 10, 2013

Me: “I’m just calling because my debit card won’t work at any of the last few stores I’ve tried. I’m on vacation in another city eight hours from home, and need to be able to access my money. I’m wondering if you can tell me what’s wrong? ”

Representative: “Okay, let me just get your information.”

(I give her my name, card number, etc.)

Representative: “Okay, I think your chip on your card has stopped working.”

Me: “So what can I do? The banks are closed today, it’s a weekend, and I need to be able to get money.”

Representative: “Well, you’ll just have to stop spending money, I guess.”

Me: “But I’m on vacation. I have food and gas and hotels to pay for today and  the next few days!”

Representative: “You should really just stop spending money.”

Me: “Look, I haven’t spent much money today… less than $100. It’s my money to do what I wish with, and I don’t have a choice. This is my only form of payment at the moment and I need to access my money.”

Representative: “You know, you really don’t need to shop anymore. I think you should just stop spending money.”

Me: “I. Don’t. Have. A. Choice.”

Representative: “You know, this is a good thing. I think someone’s trying to tell you to save your money!”

Me: “…Goodbye.”

(I later ended up finding an ATM that would take my card, and managed to get enough cash to get me through, no thanks to that bank representative.)

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