A Parenting Car Crash

| Friendly | May 7, 2014

(I have just been in a serious car accident and both cars are totaled. The other driver and I are resting on a bus bench while numerous police and firemen take care of business. Suddenly, an SUV screeches into the nearby parking lot and a woman dressed in pajamas and fuzzy slippers gets out and marches over to a female officer. I can hear a lot of shouting and yelling and the officer telling the woman to leave. The woman glares at everyone at the scene and stomps off. A few minutes later, the local middle school principal and campus officer pull up. They are friends of my husband, who has come to be with me at the scene of the crash.)

Principal: “Hey, are you okay? We recognized your last name on the radio when we were coming down here.”

Husband: “Yes, she’s fine. Just banged up and bruised. What are you two doing here?”

Principal: “One of the mothers called the school to complain that her child was ‘traumatized’ on her way to school because of an accident she saw and she wanted to complain. She told the secretary she was going to come to the crash scene and tell someone off for upsetting her child, so we’d thought we’d better come down here and check it out.”

Me: “What? SHE’s upset because her daughter, whom she should have been driving to school herself, was upset because she saw our crash? Good Lord, maybe she should never let her leave the house if she’s gonna protect her from every harsh thing in the world!”

(We laughed about it, but later when I asked the female officer what crazy pajama lady said, I was told that she was there insisting that she be allowed to yell at the person who caused the crash and scared her daughter…)

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