A Panic (Buying) Attack

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I am doing our weekly grocery shopping at a certain large box store. I hate grocery shopping, especially there, and have started experiencing mild anxiety attacks because of it. No problem; I usually bring my daughter and have her do most of the work, and if I need to sit down she can finish.

Not today. In keeping with the social distancing recommendations, I go alone. For two hours. The attack hits halfway through the checkout process, and I nearly pass out.

No less than four staff come to help me out. One finishes checking me out — I am on the self-checkout lane — another stays with me while I sit long enough to make it out to the car, and a third walks me out and loads my groceries so I can sit in the air conditioning.

It is nice, in the middle of all this panic, to see retail employees taking the time to take care of a customer like that.

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