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A Pale Imitation Of Oneself

| Learning | November 10, 2016

(This takes place after school when I am exhausted and my creativity is high as well, to the point of being mistaken for a lunatic. I’m currently speaking to a close guy friend when my close female friend comes out. Before walking over to us she gets distracted by another friend. It should be noted that my female friend is very short and very pale with dark hair, and that I’m a girl who’s a huge teaser and easily laughs at the simplest things.)

Me: *looks at female friend with an intense look*

(Cue to me turning to guy friend and very seriously saying to him as though I’m observing something astounding happening.)

Me: *to guy friend* “Hey… the longer you stare at [Female Friend], the paler she gets.”

Guy Friend: “Seriously?!” *laughs and turns to look at her* “Oh, my god, you’re right!”

(We both start to laugh in unison. My female friend notices us laughing while looking at her and walks over to us in a rush; knowing us she figures we’ve made something up about her again.)

Female Friend: *trying very hard, and failing miserably, at being serious* “Knock it off, guys! What are you saying about me this time?”

(I turn to her and in complete seriousness say.)

Me: “The longer I stare at you, the paler you get, to the point of blending in with the light and becoming impossible to see.” *while saying all this, my guy friend can’t stop laughing and my female friend’s face shifts to utter bewilderment*

Female Friend: “Seriously?!” *immediately looks in a dark mirror next to all three of us and stares at her reflection* “Oh, my god! You’re right! I can’t see my own reflection anymore!” *cue to me and my guy friend historically laughing while she continued to wonder at her own paleness*

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